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Welcome to the TelephoneAlert.Net Cloud-Based Mass Notification Calling Service! When the system calls you the system is generally referred to as an auto-dialer. There are many reasons an organization may want to use an auto-dialer whether it is cloud-based or premise based. Premise based just means it is hosted locally on the premises. Cloud based usually means you do not have to know or worry about where it is hosted and the system is maintained and monitored for you.  TelephoneAlert.Net is a member of the Total Alert System Family of Products.

Now Serving

  • Government
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Military - Law Enforcement
  • Amber Alert
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    New Customers

    TelephoneAlert.Net has recently deployed at:

    Keller Hospital - West Point Military Academy

    Chimney Doctor - New York City



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    TAS Lessons Learned

    We see a lot more stories in the news about mass notification systems (MNS) or telephone alert systems (TAS) not working than the success stories. Many times these situations can be avoided. They are often more related to policies and training than the actually technology. TelephoneAlert.net offers these recommendations.

    • Increase awareness and encourage registration of additional contact devices.
    • Internal awareness of incidents or between agencies is usually more important than external alerting.
    • Get personnel comfortable! Train your staff on your various emergency notification systems. During an emergency situation, the people running the system will be under considerable stress. This increased stress levels can lead to mistakes especially if it's been a while since your initial training.

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    Products and Solutions

    • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
    • Mass Notification No No's
    • Healthcare / Hospitals
    • Military Certifications
    • Campus Alerts
    • Premised Based Solutions
    • SaaS Solutions
    • Message-Oriented Middleware